About Sylk

When we embarked on our journey with gRPC and Protocol Buffers, we were captivated by the unparalleled efficiency and power they infused into our applications. However, we soon recognized the challenges inherent in managing evolving data schemas, especially as they grew in complexity.

Tasks like compiling, structuring files, and adhering to naming conventions that initially seemed like valuable features soon turned into burdensome chores. Writing repetitive boilerplate code for additional endpoints on the server side and updating client-side wrappers became time-consuming and counterproductive.

Not to mention, deviations from API rules risked disrupting services, causing client errors, and even compromising data integrity. As our schema grew larger, the potential vulnerability to additional changes became more apparent.

This struggle compelled us to seek a solution that would streamline the creation of gRPC applications and eradicate the need for redundant code. And thus, the concept of Sylk was born.

Sylk embodies the principles of simplicity and efficiency. Our vision was to provide fellow developers with a tool that effortlessly facilitates the construction of projects, packages, messages, services, and methods, all while safeguarding against disruptive changes.

The cornerstone of this vision became the Sylk CLI, which offers a seamless experience for generating Protobuf code and managing projects.

Sylk's auto-generated code liberated us to channel our energy into designing innovative solutions, unburdened by mundane boilerplate code.

As our journey continued with Sylk, it evolved beyond being just a platform – it became an ally, simplifying the intricate world of gRPC. It enabled us to focus on what truly drives us: crafting applications that are both scalable and resilient.