grpc auto generated code

Sylk CLI Commands for gRPC Projects and API Generation

Quickly Bootstrap gRPC Projects

  • For Different Languages: The Sylk CLI toolset makes it straightforward to initiate gRPC projects in popular languages like Go, Python, JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Efficient Setup: Rather than dealing with intricate configurations, Sylk ensures all necessary dependencies and frameworks are set up correctly from the start.

Generate Client-Side APIs from Dynamic Schemas

  • Dynamic Schema Handling: As application requirements evolve, the ability to generate client-side APIs from dynamic schemas becomes increasingly important. Sylk CLI provides precise and up-to-date client interfaces to adapt to these changes.
  • Accurate Path and Dependency Management: Ensuring the correct paths and managing dependencies can be a tedious task. The Sylk CLI simplifies this, allowing developers to focus on business logic.

Dive Straight into Business Logic

  • Seamless Integration: Once the initial setup is done and APIs are generated, developers can seamlessly integrate their business logic without worrying about the foundational aspects.
  • `sylk build` - Efficient Code Compilation: The `sylk build` command is integral to compiling the gRPC services and preparing them for execution.
  • `sylk run` - Streamlined Execution: This command enables developers to test and execute their gRPC services, enhancing the development process's fluidity.

Boilerplate Code Generation

  • Minimize Repetitive Tasks: With Sylk CLI, developers spend significantly less time setting up project structures and writing foundational code, as the CLI auto-generates the necessary segments for gRPC development. This automation ensures that developers can swiftly move to the more critical aspects of their projects.

Continuous Updates & Support

  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Sylk team is committed to regularly updating the CLI toolset. As gRPC and Protobuf undergo updates and advancements, we ensure Sylk remains compatible and incorporates the latest best practices from the domain.